attention prospective immigrants looking for career opportunities in canada

Are you looking Career Opportunities in Canada to make your immigration dream come true?

Or perhaps you would like to start working remotely, and immigrate later? 

Or maybe you are moving to Canada as Permanent Resident and would love to find a work opportunity before landing?

Perhaps you are already applying online but never hear back from employers.

If you are looking for visa sponsorship, when you hear something back, it’s quite discouraging. You haven’t found yet an employer willing to sponsor you.

At this point, you have more questions than answers, and are looking for expert guidance.

But…You found out that to speak with career counsellors can be expensive, especially if your currency is not worth much against the Canadian dollar.

Canada is a world of opportunities, yet thousands of immigrants struggle to land their ideal jobs. 

The reason is simple, most immigrants are underprepared. 

This is completely understandable because most of us have not been trained to sell our skill sets. Not in our home countries, let alone in another continent!

We did not learn it in college, throughout our careers, or anywhere, really. 

This is even more challenging considering the uniqueness of the Canadian job market. 

It’s a different job market, different culture, and different language. Employers have specific needs and expect you to communicate your experience and skills in a clear, concise, and compelling way.

This is why the vast majority of people such as yourself try over and over again, don’t hear back, and eventually give up on their dream. It’s also why most immigrants end up taking survival jobs that barely pay for the basic cost of living. It takes most of them years to learn what Canadian employers need and how to position themselves as someone who can offer what they need.

During these years, life is hard. They feel like their experience and skills are worthless. This affects their self-esteem, qualify of life, and causes the deepest form of suffering, because they don’t even know who they are anymore and what they are doing with their lives. They feel miserable. Stuck. Trapped in a situation they don’t know how to get out of.

But this will NOT be the case for you, because you are about to learn everything you need to jump-start a successful Canadian Career.

I’ve put together a fantastic resource that will give you the answers you’ve been looking for. 

 It’s a 29-page guidebook where I share tips on how you can land more interviews, and finally turn them into an offer.

Here’s what you will find out

Most of us spend countless hours looking for information online, watching dozens of videos and lives that don’t get us anywhere. Or even worse…spending all of our time and energy taking dead end actions that only serve to discourage us. Eventually, most people give up their immigration dream. 

I`m giving you the opportunity to take ON SMALL ACTION today that can change your career, and your whole life forever… 

I`m giving you all this information that I’ve only given during paid career consultations! 

It would literally take me at least 3 consulting sessions to give you all of the insights I`m giving in this guidebook at C$ 150 each session.

SO, YOU PAY ONLY C$ 7.90, instead of C$ 450!

But this offer is for a limited time only!

And that’s not all, I`m giving you 2 exclusive bonuses!
  1. Our 5-star Canadian resume template with specific instructions to build yours, which has helped hundreds of immigrants accomplish their career goals in Canada
  2. A Cover Letter template with instructions to easily create yours


No need to spend countless hours tweaking your resume and cover letter to meet Canadian standards, only to wait for a callback that never comes. 

This is seriously a game changer…So, click the link below and get ready to take action!!!

Who am I and why you should trust my advice?

Hi, I’m Luciana.

I have gone through the immigration journey multiple times in Europe, the U.S and Canada, my final destination.

I`m originally from Brazil, I studied and worked in the U.S where I got both a Bachelor and a Master’s degree in Psychology.

Once I returned to Brazil back in 2012, I landed a remote job and started earning a salary in US dollars. I had a 30-year mortgage and paid it in full in only 2 years. It was a dream come true. I landed this remote job having little experience, and while being 6-months pregnant. Many people would say this is impossible, but I proved it wasn’t.

In this role, which I have had for the past 10 years, I helped hundreds of companies across the U.S and Canada select the best talent as my work focused on profiling candidates for hiring purposes.

I invested in a robust plan to move to Canada in 2018 as a Permanent Resident. After only 3 years, I became a Canadian citizen.

I started working as Career Advisor focused on helping immigrants in Canada shortly after my arrival in 2018, when I realized that so many skilled immigrants were struggling in their careers. Since then, I have helped hundreds of them land truly amazing jobs.

Some landed remote opportunities, others got visa sponsorship, others moved to Canada already with a signed contract, others changed jobs and doubled their salary. I have helped skilled immigrants go back to their field of work after spending years in survival jobs, as well as recent immigrants land managerial level roles. All things most people would say is unlikely or impossible.

I feel blessed for having the perfect combination of academic background, professional and personal experiences to provide you with the best career advice you will ever receive.

see for yourself what my clients are saying

Reading this guidebook does not guarantee employment. Success depends on several factors including current market conditions and how well you can position yourself to succeed.