Need Help?

This program is ideal for clients who are planning to immigrate, currently live in Canada or in the U.S with a valid work permit, or are looking for remote jobs (especially in tech roles). I work with clients in any industry but typically in corporate roles (as opposed to trades or general labour). I only take in clients who have at least upper intermediate English skills and are looking for roles with salaries starting at $60K/year or more.

This program is ideal for those looking for remote work as well as tech professionals looking for a job offer with visa sponsorship. In this case, We also provide a list of employers that have sponsored work visas in the past in the tech industry.

It’s not for professionals looking for general/survival jobs, nor for those looking for resume tweaks. This program was carefully designed to help immigrants land meaningful jobs that fully align with their previous experiences and career goals, which can only be achieved by a key combination of actions. It’s also not for those who are not willing to engage in deep self-reflection and are not ready to put the work in to achieve their goals.

Nobody other than yourself can get you a job. I do not guarantee employment. My role is to inform, guide, and train you so that maximize your chances of success. Please note that in Canada, it is illegal to pay someone to give you a job. If someone charges you fees to give you a job, do not trust them. It can be some kind of scam.

When you work with a career coach, you are the client. The focus is on preparing you to access employment opportunities in any company. You, as the client, will pay the fees associated with the services being provided. For the Recruiter, the employer is the client. The Recruiter will get paid by the employer to find them the ideal candidate for a given role. In other words, the Recruiter will not find YOU a job, he or she is working on behalf of the employer, and their role is to find great candidates who match the job requirements. If that happens to be you, great! If not, there is nothing else they can do for you. That’s also one of the reasons why you cannot hire a recruiter to find you a job.

This is our premium, most comprehensive program. We can tailor it to meet your specific needs. We also offer an essential version of this program, which is more cost-effective. Each client has unique needs. That’s why we encourage everyone to do the Career Consultation first, so that we can better understand your current context and only after that, determine the ideal program for you. 

A payment plan that suits your specific needs can be discussed after your Career Planning Consultation.

If you have a clear target job, yes, this program will help you make that transition. However, if you want to change but don’t have a specific occupation in mind, then exploratory coaching is recommended. I do not offer exploratory coaching at the moment.