Canadian Career Program™

It takes 4 magical steps for immigrants and remote job seekers to land their dream job in Canada:


Most immigrants apply for all sorts of jobs and never hear back. Canadian employers want to hire experts. Thus, you need to position yourself as such. You need to understand what specific skills they are looking for, and what role, type of company, and industry you are best suited for. We`ll help you determine that!

Showcase Your Value

Simply translating your resume into English won’t do it. You have to come up with a specific and unique value proposition, and thoughtfully highlight the right aspects of your experience and how your past employers benefitted from it. We will articulate that on your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. 80% of our clients start getting callbacks right away once we do this!

Search Wisely

Did you know? you have less than 2% of chance of success by applying online. You need to land referrals at your dream companies, and we know just the right strategy to help you do that, even if you have zero connections there. We`ll give you a step-by-step process you can follow along with message templates that will get you results. You will be be able to land up to 80% more interviews.


Most immigrants are not prepared for job interviews. As an immigrant you may think your experience is not valued or you may not like the idea of selling yourself. We`ll hold your hand and train you to completely change your mindset and your outcomes. You might land not just one, but maybe multiple job offers! We`ll also help you negotiate offers to get a few extra thousand dollars a year!

We are different

Most coaches just put in a group and don’t give you enough individual attention. Others just help you tweak your resume or help you with specific parts of the job search process. This is not enough for immigrants.

At Career Wizards, we give you everything you need to succeed. We will help you change your mindset, develop the ability to sell your skillset the right way, adapt to the Canadian workplace culture, and show you the exact action steps you need to take every day to land your ideal job. We cover it all over the course of 8 weeks, in a perfect blend of 1:1 coaching, support materials, your tailored resume, cover letter, and an optimized LinkedIn Profile done for you, and 1:1 interview preparation.

we always go above and beyond

Every job, company, and hiring process is unique.  You will likely have questions once you start applying what you have learned throughout the program and start participating in hiring processes. 

That’s why you will also be able to join group sessions bi-weekly to have all of your questions answered.

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So stop wasting your time and energy and book your career consultatio now…


  • Save Time

    Avoid wasting your time in dead-end actions and adopt a proven approach that works. Time is money, and every month you spend without your ideal job is on average CAD 7k you could but are not making.

  • Make more Money

    By landing a higher-level job, you will make more money. It’s taken our clients 3 months on average to land jobs that take most immigrants 3 years to land when they start at lower-level jobs.

  • Land a job you love.

    Yes, you can and should choose a job at a company you love. This is not a luxury, it’s a strategy that will make you more likely to succeed. Build the meaningful and fulfilling career that you deserve.

  • Say good bye to anxiety

    Avoid all the disappointment and anxiety that comes with not knowing if you are on the right track and doing everything you can do. Provide better emotional support to your family.

  • Become a Permanent Resident and Citizen more quickly

    Landing a job that aligns with your background and experience will enable you to become a PR and consequently a North American Citizen more quickly.

  • Continue your existing career

    Move forward not backwards. Don’t let feelings of insecurity and inferiority stall your progress. A lot of people end up in general jobs because they don’t know how to navigate the job search process differently. You can choose differently and make things happen for yourself!

  • You won’t need to do it twice!

    Everything you will learn, you will be able to apply to all future situations!

Joining Our program has high ROI. You will not only recover your investment, but profit from it.

Here is How:

  • By landing a better job with a higher salary: my clients get from 20% to 500% salary increase! (e.g. landing a remote job, earning dollars, 5x what they earned in their previous role).
  • By landing your next job faster. By landing it only 2 weeks in advance, the program pays for itself!
  • By learning how to negotiate your next salary. My clients have been able to negotiate additional 3.5k to 15k a year!

Let’s face it…It’s really a no brainer!

However, we only take a few new clients a month as we want to ensure we give everyone the attention they deserve.

To join our program, your first step should be booking a 


It’s a 50min. zoom call during which you will get specific advisement regarding your occupation and career goals, whether you are planning to immigrate in the next year or so, looking for a remote job, or a job offer with sponsorship.

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Topics we usually cover in this meeting are:

  • Your ideal target role based on your qualifications, needs and requirements of Canadian employers
  • Opportunities and challenges you might face and strategies to overcome them
  • Identifying any gaps you may have and how to close them as you plan to move to Canada
  • Steps of the job search process so that you stand out from the crowd
  • How to maximize your chances of landing a job with visa sponsorship
  • Your specific questions and concerns