Are you outside of Canada looking for a job offer to make your immigration dream come true, or maybe a remote job?

Don’t know how to start? 

How to find employers that will sponsor your work visa? 

Tired of applying online only to never hear back?

Maybe you have already figured out your immigration plan, and are moving to Canada in the next few months or so, and would like to know more about how to land your ideal job?

Perhaps you are already applying for jobs but are not hearing back on your applications…Or

If you are looking for visa sponsorship, when you hear something back, it’s quite discouraging. You haven’t found yet an employer willing to sponsor you.

Or perhaps you are looking for remote opportunities…

At this point, you have more questions than answers, and are looking for expert guidance.

But…You found out that to speak with immigration consultants or career counsellors can be expensive, especially if your currency is not worth much against the Canadian dollar.

Stop everything you are doing and get this resource RIGHT NOW:

It’s a 29-page guidebook where we give you the exact information you need to know to land a job in Canada!

Here’s what you will find out:

Most people spend countless hours looking for information online, watching dozens of videos and lives that don’t get them anywhere. Or even worse…spend time and energy taking dead end actions that only serve to discourage them.

I`m giving you the opportunity to take a SMALL ACTION today that can change your life and career forever…

Every day, I get dozens of messages from Indians, looking for guidance on how to land a job in Canada. That’s why I decided to launch this initiative. This is also a part of my mission to help as many people as possible to reach their professional goals. To that end, I want to make my expert guidance available to you, TODAY.

I`m giving you all this information that I’ve only given during paid career consultations! It would take at least 3 consulting sessions for me to provide you with all of the information you will find in this Guidebook.


 Instead of C$ 540 (C$ 180 each consultation)!
But this offer is for a LIMITED TIME only!
And that’s not all, I`m giving you 2 exclusive bonuses!

Who is Luciana Vieira and why you should trust her advice?

Luciana is originally from Brazil, has lived in the U.S, where she got a Bachelor and a Master’s degree in Psychology. During this time, she also researched how the cross-cultural adjustment process impacts job performance, and started gaining experience as a career advisor.

Once she returned to Brazil back in 2012, she landed a remote job and started earning a salary in U$D. She had a 30-year mortgage and paid it in full in only 2 years. She landed this remote job with little experience, and while being 6-months pregnant, in a hiring process that took 4 months. Many people would say this is impossible, but she proved it wasn’t.

In this job which she has been doing for the past 10 years, she helped hundreds of Canadian companies select the best talent as her work focused on profiling candidates for hiring purposes across the U.S and Canada.

She invested in a robust plan to move to Canada in 2018 as a Permanent Resident. After only 3 years, she applied for Canadian citizenship, and already has her Canadian Passport in her hands.

She started working as Career Advisor to immigrants in Canada shortly after her arrival in 2018, and has helped hundreds of them land amazing jobs.

Some landed remote jobs, others jobs with visa sponsorship, others moved already with a signed contract, others changed jobs and doubled their salary. She helped skilled immigrants go back to their field of work after spending years in survival jobs, as well as recent immigrants land managerial level roles. All things people would say is unlikely or impossible.

Luciana has the perfect combination of academic background, professional and personal experiences to provide you with the best guidance on how to land a meaningful job in Canada.

See for yourself what clients are saying:

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